Spring Clean Your Health with my 14-Day Whole Foods Reset Program

Have the cold winter months left you feeling sluggish and less than fabulous?  

Know what you should be eating but can't motivate yourself to eat clean on your own?

Wonder how you can eat clean with a busy lifestyle?

Do you tend to retain weight around your middle? Do you work out intensely but fail to see the results you desire?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then my reset program is what you need to start feeling your best and living your best life.

Join me for this 14-day journey to spring clean your health and feel your energy rise and your cravings disappear.  You will eat whole, nourishing and delicious foods; no required juice, shakes or supplements.

I've coached numerous people through this cleanse and their feedback is overwhelmingly positive.  

What would your life be like if you began experiencing one of more of these results in just two short weeks?

  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Less bloating/GI issues
  • Diminished joint pain
  • Clearer skin
  • Fewer allergy related symptoms 
  • Increased mental clarity, especially in the afternoon (i.e. no more brain fog)
  • Weight loss
  • Significantly fewer cravings for junk and processed foods
  • Increased awareness over the type and quantity of food you're fueling your body.
  • Awareness of your emotional eating triggers.  
  • Finding new clean products to enjoy
  • Learning how to read nutrition labels
  • Cooking delicious and nourishing recipes (in 30 minutes or less)

Space is limited so sign-up today!  

Kick-off Call:  Monday, April 16th at noon, Tuesday, April 17th at 9:30am or Friday, April 20th at 2:30pm

Cleanse Dates: Monday, April 23rd-Sunday, May 6th

Cost: $100 (sign-up by 4/9 to receive 10% early bird discount.  Use code 'earlybird' at checkout)

Each participant will receive coaching, support and accountability provided by IIN certified health coach (and other participants), two-week meal plan with suggested recipes, grocery shopping list and nutritional information, detailed materials with foods to enjoy and avoid, cleanse friendly products, tips for eating out/traveling, pantry/fridge shopping list, a group kick-off call etc.

Additionally, participants will have access to a private Facebook group, Pinterest board and more to encourage and support each other on your two week journey.   Kick-off session is encouraged.  All documents will be emailed to participants in advance.

Click here and sign-up today!