Eating clean and healthy isn’t easy.  It can be frustrating, overwhelming, confusing, and difficult to stay on track with a busy lifestyle.
I know first hand and am here to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones. 


I spent years obsessing about my weight and what I ate, going back to my childhood years.  I used food as comfort during my teenage years and suffered from digestive and skin issues that continued into adulthood.  In college I jumped on the low-fat bandwagon as so many of us did and wondered why I had low energy and couldn’t attain a comfortable weight. Then came a career that often demanded late nights, weekends, travel and big work dinners.  

As much as I tried to eat “healthy,” I found myself developing habits that were anything but; I used food, caffeine, sugar and alcohol as a means to manage high stress levels.  I skipped workouts from lack of sleep.  While at the time I believed my diet was healthy, I was in reality naive on the impact of food and lifestyle on my body, no thanks to stories and promotions flooding the media. My dissatisfaction and quite frankly, obsession with my weight greatly hindered my self-confidence.  

In 2010 I went through a stressful period in my life that included the birth of our third child and a move to a new city with no family and few friends.  If that wasn’t enough, I started my new role at work in December, just two weeks after moving.

While my intuition told me that our new home in Minnesota was indeed a much better quality of life for our family, I underestimated the impact that the stress would have on me, especially without longtime friends or family nearby.  

It was after being introduced to Warren King, L.Ac that I learned about the role that food, herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies have in healing.  Warren helped me through a difficult period and revealed my confidence that I would come out stronger in the end.  

Soon after I found I was able to wean off my anti-anxiety medicine and calm the eczema issues that had persisted for over two decades; it was Warren who enlightened me about the key role that our gut has on our health.

My journey to health and happiness is one that has evolved over the past 20 years.  I didn’t start eating the way I do today over night.  My approach with clients is similar to my own personal journey; adopt small changes to your diet and lifestyle, so that little by little they become a new habit you accomplish with pleasure and gratitude.


Based on your personalized plan and goals, I will provide you with the practical tools and sustainable solutions that will give you the confidence to make more informed food and lifestyle choices for yourself and your loved ones.