7-Day Community Liver Detox

Fall Back into Health with my 7-Day Community Detox Program through Dr. Stephen Cabral

Are your clothes feeling a little snug after a fun summer?  Do you have energy dips and sugar cravings in the afternoon/evening?  Would you like to reduce your bloating or digestive issues? Or maybe you want to learn to eat more mindfully, consume less processed food and reduce snacking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then my 7-Day community detox through Dr. Stephen Cabral is just what you need to help you feel fabulous again.

What is a liver detox?

Over these 7-days you will remove inflammatory and hard to digest foods to allow your liver the chance to remove toxins that are causing your unwanted symptoms 

We'll be using nutritional support shakes and liver detox supplements, which are all free of common allergens, GMOs and heavy metal toxins (plus these products are third party tested).

What will I eat?

  • Days 1-2: You will enjoy four detox shakes spaced out every 3-4 hours

  • Days 3-7: Food is re-introduced. Breakfast is a detox shake, lunch is vegan and dinner is either paleo or vegan (minus certain foods that you will eliminate throughout the detox).

  • Click HERE for a list of the specific foods to avoid/enjoy on this detox.

What's Included?

  • Dr. Stephen Cabral Detox Kit (Daily Nutritional Support + liver detox supplements)-->cost is $99 + tax (flavors include chocolate and vanilla)

  • Private Group Chat to provide you with a close-knit community to support, motivate and hold you accountable throughout the 7 Days.

  • Full access to me during each day of this program via the group chat or email.

  • Recipe booklet with plenty of delicious detox friendly lunch and dinner meals, most of which can be easily modified and adjusted for non-detox family members.

  • Detox packet with what you can expect, FAQs, tips for success, etc.

  • 30-Minute consultation with me via phone (before, during or after the detox).

  • NEW PERK: 10% off your entire Beautycounter purchase of $75 or more to help you remove toxins that can enter our bodies through our largest organ, our skin! Learn more about safer beauty and personal care products and Beautycounter’s Never List here.

Cost: $140

Dates: Monday, September 23rd to Sunday, September 29th (You can start earlier/later)

Sign-up Options: 

Local participants: For those of you who live in Mpls I will have kits available and can arrange drop-off and pick-up.  Please sign-up early to receive your first choice of flavor and make sure you receive your kits on time.

All Other locations:
  Please use this link to order your detox kit and have it mailed directly to your home and then sign-up for my community support/recipes/tips etc and for a cost of $40.

Don't just take my word for it.  See testimonials to hear the amazing results experienced by recent clients.

"You quickly realize how eating whole nutritious foods can impact your energy, reduce bloating and overall how you feel.

One of the biggest benefits was how it helped me change my mindset and really focus on my nutrition instead of hour-long intense workouts.

The recipes and positive support from Stephanie were great! She will hold you accountable with the extra encouragement you need."


“I have struggled to lose weight since the birth of my 2nd child & have been unable to shake the last 15 lbs for the past 4 years. I have tried everything:  elimination diets, intermittent fasting, regular exercise, Keto, Paleo, food allergy and blood testing, doctors, chiropractors, etc., but nothing worked. Stephanie recommended this detox, and it worked!  I lost 8 pounds in 7 days, and feel terrific!  I have struggled with bloating, water retention, joint pain and digestion, and it is gone! 

As a result of this detox, I have gone from feeling hopeless to infinitely hopeful that I can reach my goals in a sustainable way! " 


“I can't say enough good things about the 7-day detox Stephanie guided us through. Let's be honest, the two fasting days are pretty tough. But by the end of the second day, I actually started to feel pretty good. Days 3-7 were really manageable. The vanilla shake was great and Stephanie's recipes were AWESOME. I urge anyone trying this detox to take her advice and meal plan and prep— the only way to succeed is to have good food ready. I noticed a huge reduction in overall bloating, less puffiness in my face, and my skin looked great by the end of the week. I can't wait to do it again this summer!"


“After completing this 7-Day liver detox my husband is down 12 lbs and wasn’t even hungry this morning. He’s still twitching from the lack of caffeine but all in all I’d call this a success!  I’m down 3lbs and sleeping like a rock! Went to Cardio Step this morning and was surprisingly energetic”


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