30-Day Back to School Program

Hey Busy Mom!

Did your health goals fall by the way side a bit this summer with your kids out of school and more trips out of town, social gatherings and late nights drinking wine and cocktails? I know they did for me...especially the past few weeks. How would you like to ease back into the school year with less stress & anxiety?

Lets make the most of our kids' new school schedules and reconfigure our habits so that we can get back on track too and feel amazing in our skin.

My new 30-Day Back-to-School program is for you if you want to:

  • (Re-) prioritize your health and wellbeing after a fun family filled summer

  • Get back on a solid workout schedule and one that fits with your kid(s)' new school & activity schedule

  • Get back into the kitchen after lots of eating out and meals on-the-go

  • Thrive with support from like-minded women.

  • Cook simple and healthy meals for you and your family in time for evening activities (without being a short-order cook).

  • Learn to meal plan and prep

  • Boost your energy and feel fabulous!

What does this program includes?

  • Weekly emails from me on Friday including new recipes, meal planning tips and overall strategies to create new habits this fall.

  • Daily support in a private Facebook group with full access to a certified and experienced holistic health & wellness coach (and newly certified Integrative Health Practitioner). I'll share tips, tricks and strategies that are proven to work.

  • One Facebook Live Session for Q&A

  • Support and accountability from a group of like minded moms

  • 30-minute consult with me during the program

  • Motivation so that you keep true to yourself and your health goals (not others).

Program dates: Start--> Friday, August 23rd End-->Friday, September 21st

Cost: $30 (just $1/day)


“After completing this 7-Day liver detox my husband is down 12 lbs and wasn’t even hungry this morning. He’s still twitching from the lack of caffeine but all in all I’d call this a success!  I’m down 3lbs and sleeping like a rock! Went to Cardio Step this morning and was surprisingly energetic.”

- SUE -

“I can't say enough good things about the 7-day detox Stephanie guided us through. By the end of the second day, I actually started to feel pretty good. Days 3-7 were really manageable. The vanilla shake was actually really great and Stephanie's recipes were AWESOME. As far as results go, I noticed a huge reduction in overall bloating, especially around my midsection, I noticed less puffiness in my face, and my skin looked great by the end of the week. I can't wait to do it again this summer.”
- KIM -

“The first few days were a bit challenging - fasting is hard! But the shakes, supplements and steady stream of lemon water made it completely tolerable. I've not slept so well since before kids! Once certain foods were reintroduced, everything made sense and I was able to wake, shake, move and groove with zero issues and lost 4lbs in the process, 3 of which I've managed to keep at bay a month after the detox cleanse ceased which I attribute to not reintroducing dairy, grains and all bread/pasta. Stephanie provided loads of quick and easy meals that crushed most of my unhealthy cravings and I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to course correct certain health and wellness habits!”

“I really enjoyed the cleanse program more than macro counting or some of the other nutritional trend. I ended up eating a lot more vegetables and fruits than I normally would and I think that helped a lot; my body felt great. I personally really like the smoothie and snack ideas and was able to prep them on weekends to have better options during the week when I was hungry.”

“I have struggled to lose weight ever since the birth of my second child at the age of 39 and have been unable to shake the last 15 pounds for 4 years. I have tried almost everything from elimination diets, intermittent fasting, regular exercise, Keto, Paleo, food allergy and blood testing, doctors, chiropractors, etc., but nothing worked. I lost 8 pounds in 7 days on the Dr Cabral detox, and feel terrific! I have struggled with bloating, water retention, joint pain and digestion, and it is gone! For the first time in 4 years, I have hope that I can lose the rest of this weight! The detox has really shifted my thinking in a way that nothing else has, and I can see how a commitment to a more clean, plant based way of life will truly be the ticket to my health. As a result of this detox, I have gone from feeling hopeless to infinitely hopeful that I can reach my goals in a sustain.”

I run 14-Day Reboot Elimination Diet programs and 7-Day Liver Detox programs throughout the year. Contact me to get on the list and be the first to know when I open my next program.