Stephanie is empathetic, funny, and very easy to talk to.  She was a really good listener and did a great job understanding my frustrations. Being ‘heard’ was very helpful to me, as was simply talking about the barriers to my own health and happiness. She encouraged a lot more mindfulness around my eating and meal prep routine that have brought me more awareness and, through that, more happiness when I’m in the kitchen and (more importantly) in my body!  I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who doesn’t feel ‘listened to’ by other providers. She takes the time to hear you out and give tips and tricks to move you forward. If she doesn’t know the answer, she has a very deep list of referrals that can also help.”
Stephanie  is patient, non-judgmental, resourceful and encouraging.  She held me accountable to my goals and regularly provided resources, including new products, recipes and referrals to other health care professionals.  She broke down my long term goals into bi-weekly “bite sized chunks” that allowed me to achieve small goals over the course of the program, adding up to significant changes over the six month program.  This approach allowed me to create new habits in an easy way that resulted in a lifestyle change that seemed natural.

When I started my six month program with Stephanie I had a sugar addiction. Following the six month program, I can sit at our team table at work, surrounded by donuts, cookies, and candy and not be tempted.   One of the biggest improvements for my family is our weekly meal planning routine, which encourages better balanced food choices that my entire family now enjoys.    Stephanie is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make  changes to live a healthier life.”

I have worked with a number of wellness, nutrition and fitness experts over the years and Stephanie is one of the absolute best. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, she is so easy to connect with. Stephanie provides guidance and game plans that are client-specific and easy to implement. She really focuses on truly understanding the goals of her clients and the underlying sources that are causing any roadblocks to better health. Working with Stephanie has been fun and very rewarding. I have made a series or simple changes that have had a big (positive) impact on not only to my diet but also to how I organize my life and plan meals. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to make improvements to their health.
— Jena
Stephanie is kind, open minded, articulate, creative and reasonable. After working with her one on one for two months I now have more energy, improved sleep and am eating three clean meals a day. Stephanie does an amazing job of recognizing the challenges many busy moms face with prioritizing their health. She developed strategies that worked for me to achieve my goals and held me
accountable; I’ve seen such positive change in my and my family’s diet that is actually sustainable. I’d recommend Stephanie to any of my friends & relatives.
— Meredith
“ After completing the six-month program with Stephanie, I eat way healthier and so does my family. We all actually crave healthy foods and do not feel well when we eat ‘junk’. Stephanie kept me accountable by tracking my food and exercise, providing me with lots of recipes and educational materials and reminding me to take time for myself! I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to open my eyes and mind up to making a change to a better lifestyle, a healthier one!”
“Stephanie is resourceful and responsive! Her “bag” is full of information or she will find it for me if needed. Her approach to health and nutrition is multi-faceted. It’s not just about the food. It’s about the relationship with food, managing time, relaxing for a moment. For me the biggest change in just two short months is the new habit I’ve formed around meal planning. I actually have more time now that I’m planning healthy meals and not scrambling each day to feed my busy family.”
“After completing a four-month program with Stephanie I cook more, my family eats cleaner and I am purchasing foods without all of the chemicals etc. I’ve also reduced my sugar cravings and become much more mindful of the foods I am eating and what I feed my family. Stephanie was super helpful and very knowledgeable, even beyond the food. I truly believe that Stephanie has something to teach every single person. “
I had a really good experience working with Stephanie. She is knowledgeable and professional. She helped me achieve my goals but with easy to manage steps. I would recommend her to others in a heartbeat.”
— Annelys
My intention for the cleanse was to improve my overall health. While I successfully prioritize regular exercise; diet is always a challenge for me. I honestly was not sure if I’d be able to “do” a cleanse, and was so happy with Stephanie’s approach. I didn’t feel like I was “giving up” foods; but rather that I was embarking on a fun lifestyle change with lots of ideas and support for how to get there.

For me, the best testament to to the effectiveness of this program is that many of the cleanse recommendations have become part of my daily lifestyle now. The meal preparation discipline taught during the cleanse helped me work healthy eating into my lifestyle beyond the cleanse; which has been an incredible gift.

I would recommend Stephanie’s cleanse to anyone who has aspirations for healthier eating, but desires the support, education, and encouragement of someone who is a true professional and wonderful coach!
— Leah
Working with Stephanie has been one of the greatest experiences. Not only did she gives me ideas and skills to make more mindful choices, we had the opportunity to really talk about how these choices impact my life and my families lives. Everything she helped me with felt manageable and very customized to my life. She is so wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her service. She’s an amazing person too which makes the service all that much more enjoyable!
I have done several of Stephanie’s cleanse programs, most recently this past fall, and I always feel so much better afterwards! Although I now know the foods to eat to make me have more energy and feel better, I keep coming back for the support, accountability and recipes, all of which help me stay motivated and on track. I would recommend Stephanie’s “whole foods cleanse” to anyone ready to experience how great you can feel eating a clean and whole foods diet.
— Jennifer