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10 Ways to Kill Your Sugar Cravings

Date: Tuesday, September 10th

Time: 11:45-1pm

Cost: $30

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Did you know that the average American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars in one year?!? That’s close to half a pound of sugar every day! Yikes! Not so sweet, huh? Although sugar is all over the media these days, there is still lots of confusion about it. You won't want to miss this dynamic workshop where you will learn:

–What sugar is and its effect on your body –Learn how to deconstruct sugar cravings –Understand why sugar addiction is real!

–Sugar shock! Understand how much sugar is in the foods and beverages we eat and drink –Learn how to reduce or quit sugar

We will also spend some time discussing the sugars that occur naturally in fruits.

During this interactive workshop you’ll learn to be a sugar detective so please feel free to bring products from your fridge/pantry to help you learn to read and better understand the confusing nutrition labels and “health claims” .  Additionally, we encourage you to bring any product that you want to “upgrade” and find a cleaner option.

Post workshop optional challenge: We’ll also be leading a 5-Day Sugar Challenge after the workshop to help you put all of the great tips/knowledge you’ll learn into practice.  

Join Marnie from Zenfullifecoaching and me, certified integrative health practitioners and learn how to how to permanently change your relationship with sugar.

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Each workshop is 60-75 minutes long and all participants will receive recipes and walk away with several practical tips and tools to implement immediately into their life.

Light/homemade snacks will be served.  

Corporate Lunch & Learn Pricing:  $250 each (discounts available for multiple workshops)