Summertime Clean Eating Tips


"Happiness is the Highest Form of Health"
- Dalai Lama

This pineapple on the beach reminds me of a family vacation to South Carolina where I learned that the symbolic meaning of this tropical fruit is welcome and hospitality.  Spending quality time with my family and going on new adventures together always makes me happy and being in a state of bliss positively influences your health in many ways.  Happiness is being in a state of peace-both with yourself and with others in your environment.  Studies have shown that "happy people tend to eat healthier, exercise more, and get better sleep than those who are stressed out or depressed – all habits associated with health." Dr. Mercola.  There is truth in the old saying "laughter is the best medicine". 

What will you do this summer to improve your mood? Maybe it's taking a day off work to have a relaxing morning at home, going to your favorite park for a walk/run or meeting up with a friend for breakfast.  Being outside in the sun and fresh air does wonders to boost your mood, which has a ripple effect on your health.

I know that summer is hard for many of us to eat clean and create new habits to improve our health; however, wouldn't it be nice to still feel good about yourself and the choices you made come fall?  Here are my top tips to prioritize your health this summer:  

  • Preparation is key! Failing to plan is planning to fail. Meal plan and prep, bring healthy snacks with you (purse, work, car, etc).  

  • Going out of town? Pack food in suitcase/cooler (road trips), carry on. Don’t get stuck in the airport or on the road with only unhealthy food options.  See my travel food list of what I'm bringing with me on my vacation this 4th of July (including product links).

  • Prep your breakfast/lunch at night when you know you won't have time in the morning.  Make overnight oats, prep your smoothie with all ingredients except the milk/protein powder, make hard boiled eggs, yogurt parfaits, salads, etc.   

  • Make lunch your main meal of the day when dinner will be "grab and go".  

  • Eat a rainbow of foods and focus on lots of seasonal fruits & veggies this time of year. Bring my red, white and blue bean salad to your 4th of July BBQ.

  • Remove the junk and make healthy swaps.   Contact me to set up a consultation and learn how to upgrade your pantry without backlash from your family.  I'll recommend healthy swaps including where to buy the products and how to effectively stock your pantry and avoid daily trips to the grocery store.

Here are a couple of the products I'm loving these days:  

  • I've been focused on swapping out my plastic containers and water bottles lately to avoid the hormone disrupting chemicals found in even BPA free plastics.  While I love my clear glass containers and sets with lids for visibility in the fridge, I recognize the need to have non-breakable and kid friendly options which is why I love my stainless steel containers.  Check out the various shapes and sizes - round/snack sizesalad/sandwiches and sandwiches/sides - and do this one small act to remove environmental toxins from your home.  

  • I held out buying a "fancy" S'well water bottle for years not wanting to spend the money when we have a drawer full of plastic ones.  I finally broke down this winter and am so glad that I did!  By drinking out of a stainless steel bottle you not only avoid the hormone disrupting toxins found in plastic but this S'well bottle really does keep your water cold for hours!  I have this 25 oz. bottle, but the smaller version is great too! I love adding a citrus flavored essential oil like doTERRA's wild orange and grapefruit to incorporate more flavor and give me a pick me up for my early morning workouts.  Plus, I now use only one water bottle for both my workouts and in the car/on the go and have removed nearly all of the plastic ones that were taking up room in my cupboard. 

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Happy 4th of July!

Stephanie Potter