When you work with me one-on-one you’ll not only learn the whys about healthy eating but more importantly we’ll come up with tips & tricks for you to adopt new sustainable habits based on your unique lifestyle and schedule.

I offer a holistic approach to health and often uncover challenges and help clients identify additional goals that they never thought they needed to work on.  Often these new goals become one of their biggest priorities to addressing their health concerns.

I think beyond the food and help my clients with stress, sleep, grocery shopping, cooking, finding the right exercise program, lifestyle, relationships and simply how to drink more water.  I offer practical tips and tricks that I’ve tried with myself and my family.  I have a corporate/business background and have struggled with my own weight, eating habits and stress and can relate to so many people. I feel (and look) better in my mid-40s than I did in my younger years.  I am passionate about helping others feel their best and not succumb to the pressures of excessive eating and drinking and making poor lifestyle habits. I have decades of expertise and I know how to deliver every. single. time!

If you are sick of dieting but really want to make healthy eating part of your life, let’s talk.

I am an open, honest and trustworthy person with lots of ideas in my “bag of tricks”.

My plan is very individual based and tailored for your needs so that we can get to the root of your health concerns, challenges etc.  I offer a holistic approach to health and often uncover challenges and help clients identify additional goals that they never thought they needed to work on.  Often these new goals become their biggest priorities to address their health concerns.


One-on-One Health Coaching

Is 1-on-1 coaching right for you?

  • You’ve done the group/online programs, mail delivery meal service, 30-day challenges without long-term sustainable success. You’ve purchased every supplement, super food and product out there hoping that one of them may be the silver bullet.  Maybe you’ve seen results in the short term but over time you find yourself experiencing the same weight, energy and mood issues again and again. You haven’t felt good in your own skin in years and have a gut feeling that something deeper is going on with you but can’t figure it out on your own.

  • You need accountability and external support with a personalized approach in order to make the changes and create the habits you know you need to achieve your goals.

  • You can relate to my own health journey and want to start living your best life now, regardless of your age.

  • You are motivated and successful in many areas of your life such as your career and family, but have not made yourself a priority.

  • You want to clean out the highly processed foods and introduce a whole foods way of eating for your family but don’t know where to start as you have picky eaters (including you and/or your spouse).

  • You work out several days a week and follow a calories in calories out philosophy but still can’t lose weight.


If you answered yes to any of these questions then lets discuss how I can help you develop a personalized approach to achieving your optimum health.

All of my programs include:

  • Health History/Lifestyle Consultation (in-person or remote)

  • Biweekly 1-hour sessions with personalized attention to your unique health concerns and goals

  • Customized recipes based on your dietary preferences (i.e. gluten-free, Paleo etc)

  • Detailed follow-up protocols to implement immediately to accomplish your goals (i.e. weight loss, stress reduction techniques, sleep protocols, exercise recommendations etc)

  • 1-hour pantry purification OR 1-hour grocery store tour

  • Tailored recipes, educational information, handouts and giveaways.

  • Email/text support and encouragement in between sessions

Achieve sustainable healthy habits to last a lifetime-6 months


My 6-month program is perfect for the woman who:

  • Is no longer comfortable in her own skin (or can’t remember the last time she was)

  • Has significant cravings to sugar, caffeine, salty/processed snacks and can’t turn down snacks at work, school, parties etc.

  • Feels tired and wired

  • Has difficulty going or staying asleep (and doesn’t wake up refreshed)

  • Works out several days a week but hasn’t seen the number move downward on the scale (or clothes fit well)

  • Wants to start eating “healthy” but is so confused about what to buy or what new diet trend will work best.

  • Would love to find new healthy swaps for the processed foods in her kitchen

  • Wants to start cooking simple and delicious meals that you and your family will love

If you can related to one or more of these then let me help you prioritize your health today!  In my six-month program we’ll have time to dive deep into your individual health needs including stress, mindfulness, exercise and your home environment.

Investment: $1,100 (10% discount if payment made up front)

Stephanie is kind, open minded, articulate, creative and reasonable. After working with her one-on-one for two months I now have more energy, improved sleep and am eating three clean meals a day. Stephanie does an amazing job of recognizing the challenges many busy moms face with prioritizing their health. She developed strategies that worked for me to achieve my goals and held me accountable; I’ve seen such positive change in my and my family’s diet that is actually sustainable. I’d recommend Stephanie to any of my friends & relatives.

- Meredith -

I have had the privilege of working with Stephanie 1:1 for the past 6 months and my time with her has truly been a catalyst for change in my life. I began seeing Stephanie in hopes of getting to the root cause of my inability to lose weight, my chronic fatigue and overall dissatisfaction with how I feel in my body in my early 40s with two active boys. Rather than try to treat my symptoms with just food, Stephanie took a whole mind/body approach that has helped me come to terms with the root cause issues in my life – dissatisfaction/stress with an unfulfilling career, and serious sleep issues. No amount of nutrition can overcome those factors, and Stephanie’s compassionate but direct approach has helped me to take actionable steps to making many changes in my life – stress reduction, planning my exit from my job, preparing for success each day with my food choices and daily, weekly, monthly habits that can last a lifetime. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to make transformational change in their life – it is working for me, and it will work for you!!

- Michelle -

Reset - 4 months


A 4-month program is great for the woman who:

  • Knows what they should be eating and likely has tried one or more diet programs but wants to make some whole sale changes for both themselves and their families.

  • Has recently been faced (or their child) with a health issue that requires dietary changes

  • Wants to successfully build meal planning into their life

  • Needs inspiration and customized recipe books for her personal dietary needs and lifestyle

  • Wants to lose a few pounds/feel better in their own skin

  • Wants to address the underlying issue for a new health challenge or undesirable symptoms (versus finding a band-aid solution)

Investment: $850 (10% discount if payment made up front)

Since working with Stephanie I am much more conscious of the foods that I’m buying, eating, and feeding to myself and my family. I've learned that I feel better when I limit certain foods. Stephanie is a great listener and confidant. She is able to relate to my specific situation and always has suggestions and tools on how to overcome the challenges I face as a busy working mom that I can weave into my daily life. I’d recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to make changes in her life who needs that extra boost and outlet to discuss her goals and challenges.

- Kari -


Reboot - 2 months

This shorter program is perfect for the woman who:

  • Has fallen “off track” with their previously established healthy habits and needs a quick reboot. 

  • Wants to address the underlying issue for a new health challenge or undesirable symptoms (versus finding a band-aid solution)

  • Reached a point where their current healthy diet is no longer working for them and has started to gain weight

Investment: $500 (10% discount if payment made up front)


Quick 'Spring Cleaning'

  • 1-hour pantry purification

  • 1-hour grocery store tour

  • Guidance to help with meal planning and prep: 10 recipes (based on client input form),  meal planning template, prep guide and tools to build meal planning and prep into your lifestyle

  • Pantry purification list, pantry staple list, practical tips for eating healthy on the go

  • Relevant articles and tips (based on consultation and individual’s goals)

Investment: $300

Clean Eating 101

Mealtime Prep and Inspiration

Want to feed you (and your family) a more nourishing meal and branch out of your standard dinner rotation?  Don't have time to search Pinterest boards for new recipes that your family may or may not like? Are you going to the grocery store multiple times a week yet never have quick and easy meals on hand?

I'm here to help you incorporate meal planning into your weekly routine and learn how to prepare nourishing home cooked meals in less time than the delivery service.


What Clients Are Saying…

Small Group Coaching


Group coaching is a smart and affordable way to receive top-notch guidance to achieve your healthiest and best self!

You’ll be provided with support and accountability from your coach and your group to help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

You’ll gain new perspective by working in a group and being exposed to a variety of insights that empower you to see a situation from multiple angles.

When individuals are part of a group, they procrastinate less, accomplish more, and reach their goals faster. Knowing you’re not alone in your journey will help you develop the confidence and motivation to address your challenges and succeed.

This was my fourth cleanse with Stephanie and the biggest tangible change that I’ve noticed is food prep. I am buying healthier foods, and stocking my fridge with better overall options. I am trying to avoid any snacks that sit in the pantry, even if they are clean, organic, etc. I thought the weekly plans and recipes were great, I love the community it creates and liked the information and focus points provided.
— Holly

Intensive One-Time Consult

This intensive consult is a great place to start if you’re unsure about what health coaching is all about and/or desire tools, tips, recipes and resources based on your goals and lifestyle to get back on track.  This consult is designed for the woman who overall is in optimum health and knows what she should be doing but has fallen off track or desires support for a new health challenge. 


  • One in-person or remote meeting (75 min)

  • Health history

  • Resources including handouts, recipes and samples

  • Detailed follow up/protocols to implement immediately

    Investment: $100