Why I Drink a Smoothie (almost) Every Day and My Favorite Protein Powders


I know, you may be sick of hearing about smoothies and why you should learn to like this superfood liquid breakfast.  I find that you either love them or you hate them.  You may have made a smoothie once or twice and hated it so much that you never wanted to try one again.  From someone who has made hundred of smoothies I can tell you that I've made plenty of them that tasted like crap.  And since I have a really hard time throwing food away, that means I've had to guzzle them down and remember what I did differently that I didn't like.  In fact just the other day I made a citrus smoothie for my kids that they did not like and when I tried it I had to agree with them.  My point here is that you have to try, fail, learn from your mistakes and try again before you succeed.   Not only does this relate to life in general but also with your food and transitioning to eating more plant-based foods for breakfast.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I believe you should enjoy liquid before lunch:

  • Help maximize your digestion: Start the day with easy-to-digest foods like fruits & vegetables in a liquid form (save the bacon, eggs and caffeine for later in the morning/day).

  • Help you conserve energy: Your body needs energy to convert food to liquid so if you drink a smoothie you are saving 30% energy that you can use to get on with your day (versus eating toast, bagels, meat, etc)

  • The easiest way to nourish your body in the morning:  Remember, no food nourishes the body more than plants (fruits & vegetables), and you can easily make your smoothie high in micronutrients.  These ingredients also help your body detoxify naturally.  I love adding berries to my smoothies as they have a lower Glycemic Index and are a good source of fiber and anti-oxidants.

  • Time-Released Fuel:  You can easily sip the smoothie over 30-60 minutes, and it's best to drink this at room temperature (to warm up your digestive system). This meal also won't spike your blood sugar when you include fiber, healthy fat and protein.

  • Hydrating & Cleansing:  Your blood is 90% water, not fat or protein, so it's important to hydrate in the morning after hours without any liquid.

My Favorite Protein Powders:
I've been using and experimenting with protein powders for years and have a short list of the top clean brands that are currently in my pantry. 

  • Equilibrium Nutrition: I love their Daily Nutritional Support because in addition to being super clean and third-party tested, it is an all-in-one vitamin, mineral and protein formula.  I've recently been traveling with this product and a shaker bottle so that even if I can't have my normal smoothie, I can mix it with water and start my day with what my body needs to thrive.

  • Ancient Nutrition: Collagen protein powder.

  • Terra's Whey: It's organic and made from grass-fed cows.  My kids love both chocolate and vanilla (contains dairy).

  • Orgain- Plant-based protein. I always use this brand when I make protein balls and in baking (but also good for smoothies).

  • Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel: Good in smoothies and also for protein balls balls.

  • UChooseSuperFoods:  These are mixes of superfoods that I add to my smoothie. I love the energy, greens and chocolate blends.  They take the guesswork out of adding more superfood powders to your smoothie. Great for travel too! 

Your challenge:  Aim to get 2-3 cups of vegetables per meal (7-9 cups per day). Smoothies are a great way to accomplish this feat.  If you don't think you like smoothies drop me a note and let me know why....I'll help you customize a smoothie that meets your personal preference.
Here are two of my go-to smoothie recipes.  There are so many options when it comes to smoothies that I truly believe that everyone can find at least one that you like (and grow to crave).

The first is my go-to Berry Green Smoothie but I've also been loving this Chocolate Superfood Smoothie lately.  Any smoothie can be turned into a bowl if you prefer to scoop your breakfast with a spoon (just add less liquid).

What is your favorite smoothie?  What about your kids, do they like smoothies, too? Drop me a note; I'd love to hear from you!