What Clients Are Saying…

Stephanie is resourceful and responsive! Her “bag” is full of information or she will find it for me if needed. Her approach to health and nutrition is multi-faceted. It’s not just about the food. It’s about the relationship with food, managing time, relaxing for a moment. For me the biggest change in just two short months is the new habit I’ve formed around meal planning. I actually have more time now that I’m planning healthy meals and not scrambling each day to feed my busy family.
— Holly

Working with Stephanie has been one of the greatest experiences. Not only did she gives me ideas and skills to make more mindful choices, we had the opportunity to really talk about how these choices impact my life and my families lives. Everything she helped me with felt manageable and very customized to my life. She is so wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her service. She’s an amazing person too which makes the service all that much more enjoyable!
— Lauren

I have done several of Stephanie’s cleanse programs, most recently this past fall, and I always feel so much better afterwards! Although I now know the foods to eat to make me have more energy and feel better, I keep coming back for the support, accountability and recipes, all of which help me stay motivated and on track. I would recommend Stephanie’s “whole foods cleanse” to anyone ready to experience how great you can feel eating a clean and whole foods diet.
— Jennifer

My body feels a lot better, I’m less bloated and I’m sleeping better. I also discovered that I want to eat things that I don’t need when I’m waiting for the kids to get home later in the afternoon. Being home alone at that time of day is challenging. My big win is that I am not tempted by sugar so much anymore and I have not had a headache since I started, so over two weeks, which for me is huge!
— Sue

I’m excited to report that the cleanse is going great. Your recipes and suggestions are super helpful. I’ve really enjoyed most everything I’ve made and I’ve been able to find dinners that can accommodate our weird evening eating times/ needs. I feel really strong going into week 2 and beyond. I’ve re-established some good habits that I hope will carry past the cleanse.
— Liska

After completing the six-month program with Stephanie, I eat way healthier and so does my family. We all actually crave healthy foods and do not feel well when we eat ‘junk’. Stephanie kept me accountable by tracking my food and exercise, providing me with lots of recipes and educational materials and reminding me to take time for myself! I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to open my eyes and mind up to making a change to a better lifestyle, a healthier one!
— Ann