Superfood Trail Mix


There is no real “recipe” for this yummy and satisfying trail mix but I do encourage you to experiment with a variety of nuts and seeds and keep the dried fruit/chocolate to a minimum to avoid spiking your blood sugar. I like to mix my favorite nuts and seeds in a bowl first and then pour into a large mason jar and store it in a visible spot in my fridge.

Here are my favorite ingredients to create the perfect combination of crunch, a little salt, and a hint of sweetness:

  • Raw or dry roasted almonds

  • Raw cashews

  • Raw walnuts

  • Raw or @goraw brand pumpkin seeds (lightly salted)—> Thrive Market

  • Raw or @goraw brand sunflower seeds

  • Raw Brazil Nuts—> Fun fact: did you know that these nuts contain the trace mineral selenium, which is an antioxidant needed to maintain a healthy immune system?

  • Unsweetened coconut chips

  • Cacao nibs

  • Goji berries

  • Dry roasted pistachios (Trader Joe’s)

All of these ingredients can be purchased at Thrive Market and my personalized shopping list can be found here. I buy the Thrive Market brand for any product they carry as it’s high quality and costs much less than other stores.

Trader Joe’s is a great place to also find all of these ingredients (with the exception of the Go Raw brand of seeds). Most grocery stores including Target will carry many, if not all of these nuts).